the day after…

17 08 2008

I woke up a little refreshed but my mind was still going a mile a minute. I wanted to get moved in, to figure out my finances, and therefore figure out how I was going to fit my stuff in my room and not feel claustrophobic.

I was able to sort of calm down a little about the situation while observing the apartment I was staying in. I took note of how city dwellers make the most of tight spaces. Shelves on the walls, mounted TVs racks and storage units. Yeah I can see it. If I get some shelves and such perhaps a wardrobe and a rack or two I could manage it and not feel like a tool in a tin box.  I was back to good motivated. The floors should be dry and we should be able to get our things off the truck and hopefully back to Penske.

I met up with Brad at the apartment in the afternoon. It was my first solo trip on the transit system as a New Yorker, lol. I sat and watched people getting on and off, tried to take not of the streets and avenues I crossed. Not too long after getting on an older latina lady came on with 3 little kids. I noticed she was having trouble with her camera and offered to help. That’s one thing I noticed and really like about the city: people are just people. i heard from a lot of people back home and in the midwest in general that the people in New York aren’t friendly, they’re mean, no one talks to anyone everybodies looking out for themselves.

I don’t doubt that these things are true in some cases, like in business and what not but on the day to day I see people talking to people they don’t know, helping the lost, helping mothers with strollers up subway stairs, giving up seats on buses. Anyway I offered to help and she gave me her camera. She said she was clickin butons and everything was fine then it just went off. I looked it over and told her the battery died. Then we just got to talking. She reminded me a lot of my aunt Cheryl, the way she talked and told her stories. She told me about her grandkids and why she’s their guardian talked about Puerto Rico and the Neighborhood. She was real cool.

As I got closer to my stop this man gets on with a pan of some sort of delicious smelling food. Something soul food like. I ask him about it, he tells me it was cornbread and offered me some. It was <i>good</i> fresh soft, sweet. He told me he was a chef and that he does desserts and soul food and for me to stop by and check it out. No doubt.

When I caught up with Brad he had moved all his things in and the renovators were upstairs finishing up the wall up there. i found myself in a tizzy again when I caught sight of how much was still in the truck and how little room there was in the house. I tried to figure out what the best solution would be but it was impossible with everything still on the truck, I had to see what was what. What could go to the garbage what could be stored on a shelving system what was kitchen stuff. So I started unloading things into brads room.

By the afternoon’s end we had everything off except for the dresser and about 5 boxes of things that were stored in my mom’s basement. I figured I get that last if at all, because if there wasn’t enough space I’d take those things to storage.

We finally got a moment to just chill in the place which was nice. We watched coming to America and talked with the guys renovating the place. I had a pretty good conversation with the one named Scott. He told me he was 52 and sort of at a place where he wants to do more with his life. He’s tired of labor work, he talked a little bit about wanting to do things with computers and brought up randomly that he’s got an eye for video editing and really enjoyed doing that. Someone he did a job for was doing a video and he ended up helping them and found he was good at the artist part of it. Lo and behold he’s been tinkering around with my bread and butter program, FinalCut. I told him that I wouldn’t mind helping tutoring him on the technical parts of the program for a little change or some eats and he was down for that.

It’s good to have a friend in the neighborhood and the best way to make one is to help em.

The rest of the day was spent travelling back to the eastside to have dinner with the Ashleys again. Brad’s been talking about stuffed burgers since I got here and he took us down to the Stumble In where we put down on some tasteys and drinks. The stuffed burgers are sirloin burger patties with the cheese and toppings (onion,bacon,mushroom, etc.) stuffed in the middle like a meat gusher. Sounded sketchy tasted great. But man did they give me the “itis” I couldn’t wait to get somewhere and nap.

And thats what i did. We went back to Brad’s brother’s place and I passed out on the couch. I woke up just in time to watch Michael Phelps and co. win that Gold and  I caught a few more events before heading to bed at the apartment down the hall.  before I fell asleep, I got a call from Scott updating me on the progress at the apartment and what work was to be done on Sunday. I found out he was going to church and asked about it. He invited me to it and gave me directions.

I was actually pretty happy about that. I need to get grounded somewhere and really find out what my plan is here, and just take some time to clense my heart and prepare for whatever it is I’m about to embark on.




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