Jesus is on the mainline

18 08 2008

This morning went well. I almost didn’t go to church. Mostly out of laziness, partially out of fear of doing things on my own again. But I was up early and had no excuse not to go. So I got all my things together mapped out the the day with Brad and set off. I had directions, but I made it a point not to call anyone if I didn’t know where I was or where I was going.

I need to be able to figure things out on my own out here. It was a gorgeous morning and there were people strolling up and down the street. I stopped into a coffee shop on the corner of 86th and 2nd ave to get a muffin. It was a nice little place with a sit down counter and a couple tables. The muffin was good and lasted me most of the bus ride.

I learned to make the most out of what i buy, instead of mashing everything in one sitting it’s good to save stuff for later, since I never know when I’m going to be able to get somewhere to eat.

the ride went through central park and when I got off I hopped on a subway up to 110th. Everything was smooth. I got off and walked my two blocks down to 108th where the church was supposed to be and I found it. I went to Southern Baptist. It was a pretty big church tucked between some residences on a nice looking street. There were cars parked all in front, some of them doubled up. I felt a lot underdressed looking at the building and tried to tidy up by buttoning up my shirt to the top but I had on jeans and gym shoes there wasn’t much to dress up. lol

I went in and was greeted by some older black women in full church lady attire. It was kind of comforting. From the outside the place looked like a catholic church and I wasn’t sure if someone as casual as me would be welcomed in such a place. I was directed upstairs to the sanctuary wondering if it’d be hard to find Scott in there. But as I got to the top of the stairs Scott appeared coming up the other side.

” My brotha, talk about timing. eh? that’s how you know, everything happens for a reason, you were supposed to be here today.”

We went in and found a seat. It was a large open sanctuary with a Titanic sized chandelier hanging over the congregation on the main floor. Up in the mezzine was an inordinate number of white people who looked as if they were watching a play or some sort of contest. more than three of them had video cameras and there were another handful with still cameras as well. It was weird but I didn’t hear anyone else comment on it so I took it as part of their thing. I talked to Scott about the church he said it’s the one he’s been going to since he was a kid, but he had gotten away from it and just recently got back into it. you would have never known he left by the way people interacted with him. I took that as a positive mark for the church.

The service was a lot like home and I liked that. The pastor talked about Plans, more importantly God’s plan. he preached from John 9 about the blind man that Jesus healed and focused on how we can be financially, emotionally or physically, blind/impaired and how healling may not come immediately, how sometimes it’s part of god’s plan for you to deal with the impairment to glorify Him, and to be a testimony to others.

It was a message I needed to hear. It was good to be reminded that there is more going on than just the day to day stuff, that everything happens for a reason.

It was their like men’s appreciation day, so all the men were invited down to the assembly area to have refreshments and fellowship. I sat and ate with these two younger guys, Stedman and Deandre. They were brothers one 14, the other 18. We talked about the neighborhood and whatnot I asked them about places to hang out in Harlem, they offered some suggestions, told me that Chris Brown can be spotted around places since he’s from there.

I ended up heading home soon after. There was a lot of unpacking  and storing to do and I wanted to get on it.

I spent most of the afternoon settling in, getting my things out of Brad’s room and into mine. I felt  a lot more at peace about things. Once I got my bed in there and set up and saw how much space was left I was able to sort of chill and think of how to best utilize spaces. I could visualize the racks and shelves on the walls and without the dresser or desk I had back in MI I could certainly make it work.

Downside: previous tenant was landlords daughter, do you think she made her deep clean the place for a new tenant afterwards?


IN fact i don’t think she had the place just regularly cleaned. the bathroom and kitchen and closets still had someone’s stuff in it. The kitchen shelves and such were covered in grime and dust, theres a freezerburt chicken in the freezer. So that put a halt on progress. I needed to wait for Brad to get back so we could go get some cleaning supplies and a plan for the kitchen layout.

He came back with the keys to the truck around, 5 and we unloaded the rest of my stuff and made our way down 125th to NYs much more omniscent than Rite Aid pharmacy/store, Duane Reade and got our cleaning supplies. We got home propped open the doors, pumped up the jams and got to scrubbing.

we got a fair amount done but hunger called, we ordered some chinese and opted to pick it up instead of having it delivered. How about it was a mile away up hill (123rd to 106th street) um yay adventure?

well at least we know what exists on Amsterdam Ave.

We spent the rest of the night at home chilling out watching movies, finally able to stay the night at our place. Aside from the mosquito in my room it was a good night’s sleep.




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