i miss wal-mart

22 08 2008

who knew one would ever have to say that. But it’s true, I miss the convenience of a one-stop shop with quality(well at least non-expired) products at low prices.

Here there aren’t many shopping centers or places like that and the select few Targets and Home Depots are spread out over dodge so you need a buddy with a car or a Zipcar rental to get anything that won’t fit in a bag to your home.

I found that out today when we made our way back out to Brooklyn to check out the Target.

I am going a little stir crazy about my room’s perpetual state of disarray. I need to get those storage racks and that desk so I can finally unpack things and have some sort of work space. I found the two things that I want, This perfect sized desk with the proper kind of storage and filing space for my media projects and supplies from Ikea and a 4 -tier chrome rack system  to store my clothes. Once I get these things I can have some order and peace of mind to finally start cracking down on my lesson planning for my fall classes.

It felt like things just kept getting dragged out regarding this and I couldn’t do much about it. I can’t carry these things on the subway, the cab fare would be more than the items combined, there’s no way in hell I’m driving from uptown to Brooklyn by myself or at all for the matter. So I’m at the mercy of others and lets face it people got their own things to do.

I found myself frustrated and I knew the feeling wasn’t going to go away until I got these things taken care of so I stopped playing the nonchalance card and nagged about when we were going to go to Ikea and back to Target to get these things. I must have brought it up a least 12 times, but I didn’t care. I could tell this was only a priority in my book so it was up to me to do whatever it took to get it poppin. I wasn’t going to stop talking about until there was a solid plan, because up until then it had been all “oh, we can go later, or we’ll go in a few days.”

No can do, I gotta work, and to do that I gotta have a workspace. right now we got nothing and when ever  I go out into the city to find a cafe or something I’m just too overstimulated by all the cool stuff going on.

All kinds of people, buildings flowing together creating this rich tapestry of history and culture. Sometimes look at the buildings and neighborhoods is like looking at a tree stump’s rings. You can see all these different layers of time and all the changes and experiences that came with it.

Like down by the river there are these huge buildings in the port area and one had a modernish sign that said something like NY Port Police Headquaters  but the original letter was still there across the top screaming UNITED STATES LINE. And I thought about how like 100 years ago this is where all the cruiseliners would come back when this was still the main way to travel overseas. It’s crazy how old the the place that supposed to be the mark or modernity really is. All these little hints to a former time are still present everywhere you look.

Anyway, tomorrow we’re supposed to get a zip-car and FINALLY pick up these larger items. I really really hope we do, somehow I slipped to the end of my rope on this and I’m ready to tie it off.

I’m also going to stop in to the Wingspan office to meet my supervisors there. This is an area wide like arts enrichment program. They have afterschool programs for the kids that allow them to participate in all sorts of creative things. I had originally signed on to teach news and media but the directors were in need of someone to do the Filmmaking class and I was all over that. This should be fun, I’ll be doing my workshop with 3rd -5th graders and in the end they will produce a movie. I’m pretty excited about that.

Oh, yes last night I partook in my first “Rockband Wednesday” Brad LOVES the videogame Rockband and can totally see why.  It let’s you experience playing your favorite songs in a band made up of your friends without having to know anything about music. It’s great when you’re playing it at home but it’s a whole nother experience playing it in public, like at a bar. Kinda feels like a battle of the bands concert. So last night we went to Patty O’Brien’s the bar that half of Brad’s posse works at and rocked out. It was a good time. I got to know our roommate Ray (who is a bartender there) better and met some pretty interesting people from around the area. What’s nice is that the places in the city do not close at 9 or 11 or 2 they close at like 4, the party never stops hahaha and since I don’t have to work in the morning I can stay out and sleep in guilt free. Good times.

It’s kind of fun to watch, Brad and his homeboys have been playing so much and so often there they are like the main act for those who show up. They usually wait around til 1130-12a and then politely replace the amateurs on the faux instruments and promptly go to town. Then there begins this little ego contest between the two groups. The newbies are hungry to get up and play even if they are slightly terrible and as the night wears on they become less and less able to sit out a set. The rotation shrinks from 4 songs to 3 to turn after turn.

I played a few songs, and aside from mangling  a Fall Out Boy tune on vocals I did fairly well playing bass, guitar and drums. Can I just say that everyone thinks they are the greatest drummer to grace the stage. It is the glory instrument for whatever reason. It cracks me up how many people choose the drums to prove themselves.

Once Ray moves in and we get the 37inch flat screen hooked up we will be jammin all up in the house. I don’t think it will take long for me to elevate from groupie to rockstar.




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