Brian, Blockparty; Blockparty, Brian

23 08 2008

How about I awake this fine morning to someone on a bullhorn riding up and down the block going:

“Move your cars or get a ticket! MOVE YOUR CARS PEOPLE”

I drift back to sleep and then I’m roused by the steady thump of a sound system pumpin out Labelle and a different guy on a bullhorn or mic yappin about something.

It’s too loud to be coming from the park or the people three houses down who like to kick it on their sidewalk and bump classics and play cards. So I get up and check it out:

How about that’s RIGHT in front of our apartment. It’s the Neighbor-to neighbor block party on our street and Harlem Week festivities going on Morningside Ave near the park. The guy is announcing the upcoming events of the day. There’s a mobile radio station set up and there’s going to be a 5k and some other stuff.

Gives me a little sumptin sumptin to do after I put my desk together.

Did you catch that, put my DESK together! I got the dang thang and I’m bout to get my space to work together. That in itself deserves a post and I will write about it today. BUt right now I need to get this thing set up so I can get my lesson planning out of the way and go meet Brad in mid-town to stop by Home Depot.




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