29 03 2009

Last year My aunt Cheryl turned the big 5-0. I don’t think she even believed it. She pointed out to me once that our birthdays were both on the 29th of our months and my mom and her son’s birthdays were on the 18th of their months. I pointed out that we are 25 years apart so our milestones will fall in the same years. I turned 25 last year and she hit 50. I celebrated like there was no tomorrow for my b-day and I wanted to show the same love for Cheryl on hers. We threw her a surprise party at the clubhouse of my apartment complex. And though there were moments where it seemed like there weren’t going to be enough people or that the jig was gonna be up, the day arrived and she was completely surprised.

I remember the expression on her face when she realized what was going on. She just reared back and let out that “awwwwww”

She was the queen for the day, her family was there, favorite friends, good food, cake and more candy than Halloween. We played a Cheryl Themed Jeopardy game that she got such a kick out of. It gave her a chance to retell stories from when she was coming up and when we were young in that way that only she could.

Me Girl Cheryl on her 50th

Me Girl Cheryl on her 50th

This is the day I want to remember when I think about my last year with Cheryl. When she was happy, surrounded by people she loved, crackin us up, havin a ball.

Happy Birthday Cheryl

I miss you.




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12 05 2009

Love it!

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