Mothers Day

10 05 2009
Me Ma

Me Ma

Today is Mother’s Day and it feels sort of odd because I haven’t seen my mom in a few months and I didn’t have the chinks to fly back to MI for the weekend.

I talked to her early this morning and it was good to hear her voice and catch up with her. She told me what she wanted for a gift: a photo I’d taken of her and my aunt Lynn at my graduation in 2005.

That day, I was snapping some shots randomly of her, my aunt and my cousins during their trip there after I caught up with them after the ceremony. They were getting ready for the nice snapshot and someone said something funny that just got them going.

I got a shot of them in the throes of a good laugh and it’s such a fitting photo of the two. Despite the ups and downs they were always there for each other and they knew how to crack each other up.

Not too long after my graduation my aunt passed unexpectedly. And that picture took on a whole other significance to my mom. So I today I looked for it so I could send it to my cousin so she can blow it up and have it printed and framed for my mom.

I found it

Mom and Lynn crackin up December 05

Mom and Lynn crackin up December 05

along with some other photos from those days before she was gone.




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10 05 2009
Courtney Vanderbilt

Brian this is the best. I love you! You have made my day. Please send me these pics. Thanks for the wonderful memories. Jwan would appreciate these pics as well. My mom would rep KCP hard and it was good to see her in her favorite t-shirt. I mean one of her favorite t-shirts. The white t for Mother’s Day was the other one. It was Tyrell’s and she would straight rock it. We had some of the best times together and things just don’t seem the same. Mom I miss you and I thank God for the life He blessed you with on earth. Until we meet again. I love you!

12 05 2009

aww Court, I’m glad, I could help. I know Mother’s Day isn’t the easiest these days for you or J-Rock.

She was murkin that KCP shirt hahahaha, I’m tryin to picture that white one, you crazy talkin bout it was Tyrell’s and she jacked it.
Hold up, remember that blue,red and green one she had on in every piture from 85-88 hahahaha, let me stop for she get me.
I love you too

11 05 2009

Thank You

B you’re the best

12 05 2009

Love you too, Ma

12 05 2009

I swear, I can feel her energy in every pic! You, too, Ingrid! I can hear both of your laughs like you’re in the room with me now!

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