Valentine’s Dinner

15 02 2010

So for Valentine’s Day this year I decided to forgo the fancy restaurant and cook my lady a fancy meal at Chez Brian 353.

I asked around for some good meal tips and my lovely mother suggested Lamb. I had never even tasted lamb but it sounded classy and more likely to impress than chicken pot pie.

While at a church meeting on Thursday a member told me that he is a retired chef, so i picked his brain on the best way to cook up some lamb and what sides would go best with it. I took his advice and my mom’s, did a little homework and was ready to jump on it.

Well Saturday I rolled down to the grocery store, picked up the food and ingredients and got ready to do the dang thang.

On the Valentine’s Day Menu that evening was:


Ham and Cheese Puffs

Main Course

  • French Seasoned, oven-roasted rack of Lamb
  • Red Roasted potatoes
  • steamed green beans, broccoli and califlower blend veggies
  • Parisian bread with the seasoned olive oil dip
  • Shiraz-Merlot wine


  • Fresh baked Red Velvet cupcakes
  • Chardonnay

A fine meal cooked with love so you know it tasted like the bomb diggity.

We dined to a soundtrack of her favorite songs and took the party to the home theater to watch her favorite movie.

That’s how you do Valentines Day,

Smith Out.




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